Our Process

At Charly’s Garage, it’s our attention to detail and commitment to quality that sets us apart. See for yourself with a glimpse into our process from consultation through final details.

The Consultation

The first step in making the custom build of your dreams or restoration into a reality is the consultation. Here’s where we sit down to understand exactly what you’re looking for- vehicle make and model, interior and exterior design, finishes, performance upgrades and special features. Then it‘s time to get creative.

Design Review

There are two types of design phases. The first is when we take our notes and mentally get a picture of what needs to be created. This is usually were we take key ideas that the customer wants and the customer lets us do the rest.

The second way is we do renderings of the vehicle to give the customer a feel for what the project will look like. Then we work off those pictures to create the customer’s dream.

Media Blasting

We disassemble the complete body and get it blasted so it is all clean and ready for the next process.

Mock Up & Fabrication, Paint & Body

In mock up and fabrication stage we start with a solid foundation (the chassis). Either a custom chassis or restoring the stock chassis. After the chassis is chosen then we reassemble the body on the chassis. We then repair and or customize the body panels as needed. We make sure gaps are even. After everything is test fitted and works correctly it is time for body and paint.

We work the body so that it is straight and is ready for show quality paint process, buffing to perfection. Now we are ready to start reassembling the vehicle.

Assembly, Wiring, Mechanical, & Welding

At this stage all mechanical components have been rebuilt or replaced and are installed in vehicle. We install a/c, wiring, stereo, and all other components. Now we are ready for interior.

Interior & Final Details

We will restore the interior to original or create a one- off custom interior. We create custom seats, consoles, headliners, carpet, trunk panels, etc. Any interior can be done in cloth, ultra- leather or leather for the desired taste of the customer.

We final detail the vehicle. We meticulously inspect the vehicle to make sure it meets our high standards. We test drive the vehicle for up to 200 miles to make sure all mechanicals are working properly.